Simphos® feed phosphate from the J.R. Simplot Company provides high-grade, fully reacted animal feed precisely created to meet the quality requirements and precision specifications of livestock feed manufacturers.

The Most Reliable Feed Phosphate in North America


Phosphorus – A Key Ingredient in Animal Health.

Phosphorus is a key element for a range of animal health benefits including cell growth and differentiation, protein biosynthesis regulation, feed utilization and fertility.

Our Difference is Simple: Quality Phosphate for Quality Feed.

The phosphoric acid used in Simphos feed phosphate originates from our company-owned mine in Vernal, Utah, and is fully reacted with a premium white limestone to create a high-quality animal feed phosphate. A rigorously controlled, precision manufacturing process achieves 100% mono-calcium phosphate for purity and performance.


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Simphos Livestock Feed Products

Simphos feed ingredients from the J.R. Simplot Company are available in both dry and liquid product formulations. All Simphos products are available to animal feed manufacturers and customers through a variety of distribution partners throughout North America.

Minor Elements Data Sheet

Simphos product benefits:

  • High production standards and strict quality control
  • Optimal chemical characteristics
  • High biological availability
  • Naturally occurring chromium
  • Low heavy metal profile 
Dry and Liquid products

Featured Simphos Products

Simplot Simphos products are mined and manufactured in North America. To ensure quality and reliability, we control the manufacturing process all the way through distribution to end users.


Simphos® 21P

Simphos 21P is a monocalcium-dicalcium feed phosphate made especially for the formulated feed industry. It is two-thirds monocalcium and one-third dicalcium phosphate.

Product Datasheet     Safety Datasheet     Product Label


Defluorinated Phosphoric Acid 23.5P

This defluorinated phosphoric acid is made especially for the formulated feed industry and is a highly acceptable liquid supplement for dairy and beef rations. 

Product Datasheet     Safety Datasheet     Product Label

Dry Feed Products

Sodium Bicarbonate

Feed grade sodium bicarbonate is a white, crystalline compound used predominately in dairy rations. This product benefits dairy cattle production by buffering rumen acid, which increases feed intake and improves productivity.

Product Datasheet     Safety Datasheet     Product Label

Dry Feed Products

Feed Urea

Feed-grade urea can be an effective source of protein for beef cattle diets.

Product Datasheet     Safety Datasheet    Product Label

Simphos Customer Service and Support

Simplot AgriBusiness Feed Ingredients Sales
Here to meet your needs with quality products, service and support.

Please choose a region below to view your Simplot Simphos Sales and Customer Service Representatives.

For Customer Service, please email us.

You can also reach us by phone (800) 932-7467.

Oregon, Washington

Kyle Thomas
Area Sales Manager
(208) 982-0142

Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming, Western Canada

Becky Christensen
Area Sales Manager
(208) 807-1189

Northern California

Greg Swanson
Feed Product Manager, Area Sales Manager
(209) 373-9345

Arizona, Southern California

Tom Cook
Feed Product Manager, Area Sales Manager
(760) 212-6439

Idaho, Nevada, Utah

Brandon De Los Reyes
Feed Product Manager, Area Sales Manager
(208) 760-9933

Central, Midwest, Eastern U.S.

Nathan Hope
Area Sales Manager
(208) 863-2219

Central, Eastern Canada 

Brad Dempsey
Area Sales Manager
(306) 537-1600

Mexico, Central America 

Luis Araiza
Area Sales Manager
(858) 375-8545

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